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Navigation in email chain Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172786D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-15

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For an email with long email chain(i.e. the email was replied/forwarded many times), it's not convenient for a user to do the following: a. check briefly who participated in the discussion(i.e. who has replied/forwarded the email); b. navigate to a section of the email from a specific sender. To do things above, the user has to scroll down to check through the email. When the email chain is very long, it'll take much time. Email 'Thread' has navigation function among emails related to current email. But can't navigate within current email chain(i.e. can't navigate to a section of the email from a specific sender). And even for the navigation function Email 'Thread' has, it also has following limitations: 1. If a user gets one email with long email chain which he was not involved in the conversation before, there is only one thread for this email. The user can't navigate to previous emails. 2. Even a user is involved in the email chain all the time, if some of the emails were deleted, the related threads will be deleted also. The user can't navigate to deleted emails. 3. When a user selects another thread of certain email, user will be taken to another email. but the user may want to stay in the current email. 4. If one email was forwarded, it'll not be a thread of the original email. The user can't navigate to the forwarded email from the original email.