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Enterprise Bus for Data Communications in a Casino Operation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172865D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-16

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GSA's S2S protocol is specifically intended to provide open and secure communications between all types of communications endpoints. As such, S2S can enable the casino enterprise to reconfigure their IT bus structure to have a single, enterprise wide, communications bus (enterprise bus). This infrastructure configuration will provide the communications efficiencies of "main" bus communications between all facets and business units of the casino operation. The S2S protocol is designed to provide strong security for all data transmitted. The security features are comprised of "off the shelf" industry standard components such as SCEP, OCSP, SSL, etc. that are configured using openly available point to point and multi-cast transport specifications. The tested, commercially available security modules combined with a non-proprietary transport specification allows all endpoints throughout the enterprise to adopt a single, common, security protocol. The S2S protocol messaging structure is non proprietary and is publically available. Additionally, the protocol is designed to be extensible to provide developers the ability to create suitable interfaces to meet the requirements of any type of endpoint. With the flexibility of the messaging structure, the availability of the protocol requirements and a common security protocol, the enterprise manager, regulatory agencies and endpoint developers have the means to provide a true enterprise bus for a casino operation.