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A Method of Supplying Balanced Meters from a Gaming Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172866D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-16

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Modern EGMs are capable of containing large quantities of dynamic RAM. Additionally, meter information consists of a maximum of 15 decimal digits per meter. There are quite a few meters described in the G2S protocol, however, the number is bounded so that developers can allocate a specific known maximum amount of dynamic RAM to a set of meters. Additionally the number of meters is not large such that the maximum amount of RAM required to store a set of meters is very small compared to the amount of Dynamic memory available. This invention, then, suggests the creation of a separate set of meters that are used in balancing the EGM in dynamic RAM. These meters are updated each time the EGM is in balance and they retain the updated value until they are updated again. The result is that, for the vast majority of the time, a balanced set of meters (the Balance Meters) will be available regardless of the machine state, patron input, or external system input (such as a bonus or progressive system). In practice, the machine would have a machine state, flag, or other internal indication of when the meters were balanced that would trigger an update of the Balance Meters. This would be a high priority process for most of the time but the priority could be reduced when processing resources were needed for other tasks. Care would need to be taken to ensure that the Balance Meters were updated at a specific minimum frequency to minimize the variance between the actual meter values and the Balance Meter values. Alternatively, the Balance Meters could be updated based on a schedule. There could be a specific time interval between updates. However, regardless of how often the Balance Meters were updated, a balanced set would always be available. The Balance Meters would not be required to be retained across power cycles or resets as they would be reloaded as soon as the machine became active and reloaded the meter values from static RAM.