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A multi-tiered strategy for allowing access to sensitive player information on a gaming device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172896D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-18

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This invention involves a multi-level security scheme that allows low risk access to casino patron account information with a low level security credential and high risk access to these accounts with a more secure personal identification method such as a biometric based security scheme. The first tier of the security scheme would involve the typical machine-readable card and a PIN, which is now commonplace in casino operations. Satisfying the first tier security scheme requirements would provide access to view information such as account balances, player points, comps available, etc. This initial level of security would not allow access that would affect the balance of any account. Typically the type of access allowed in the initial level is referred to as "Read Only" access. The next tier of security would involve a more exacting method of identifying the person. In addition to the machine-readable card and the PIN, another method that must uniquely identify the patron and must provide high resistance to compromise must be added. A biometric method such as a retinal scan or a thumbprint would provide this type of assurance. If a patron satisfies all three security features, access to second tier capabilities is granted. This tier is would allow activities that could affect account balances such as the ability to withdraw from the accounts. Some patron accounts may require different accesses for different capabilities. For example the player "loyalty points" account may only require first tier access to transfer points/credits to a gaming machine while a player front money or cash account may require second tier access for the same function.