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Enabling green-it through mail servers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172930D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-21

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Disclosed is a method to integrate mail tools and system management software to achieve green IT objectives. Personal machines such as desktop, personal development servers, etc are not automatically shut down when a person goes on vacation or during weekends. This situation is not green as these machines consume power when not in use. It is not just the machines that are consuming power; air conditioning will also consume power to cool them. There are many commercially available solutions for automated system management. These solutions are capable of doing scheduled system shutdowns and restarts. However, these solutions are not integrated to any of the day to day tools such as Email, chat client, etc. Automated system management software’s are not accessible to end users. They are normally managed by system administrators. If a user has to schedule a shutdown and restart of his machines, he has to either send a mail to the administrator or if he has access to the system management software, he has to make entries in separate software. Users don’t bother to shutdown their machine as 1) There is no easy way to do this. 2) They have to perform additional tasks to achieve this. 3) They don’t have to pay for the power it consumes! If we integrate system management features to some of the mail tools such as out-of-office agents and calendar, it will prompt the users to shutdown their personal machines when they go on vacation or during weekends. Users can have a list of personal machines which can be used within the mail tools to schedule their shutdown and restart. If a user sets up an out-of-office agent, it can communicate with system management software to shut the machines down on the first day of his absence and start them back just before he resumes office. User can also schedule shutdown of their machines during weekends using the calendar tool.