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Method for On-line and Dynamic Collaboration in Instant Messenger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172944D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-21
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Disclosed is a method for on line and dynamic collaboration environment in Instant messenger like environment.

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Method for On-line and Dynamic Collaboration in Instant Messenger

In the corporate world, Instant Messengers (IM) are used for all kind of communication right from customer interactions to internal chat meetings to on-


                                         ob training. In fact, IM are considered as one of the most important component for collaboration, networking and socialization. With regards to collaboration, it is vital to address all kinds of day-to-day scenarios/situations that users keep facing in this domain. One such need is to have a facility where additional user(s) can be involved as a collaborator in the discussions of a chat session in real time without being included in the chat session as an active (and visible) participant.

The proposed method is to formulate a way by which a third person can be included in an instant message session in the background without the other party becoming aware of this third party's presence in the chat session. One solution is to include additional user(s) in stealth/invisible mode to an ongoing chat conversation so that the contents are visible to this additional user. Another solution is to automatically forward the chat session contents to the additional users in a different session in real time. Either way, it enables the additional user to influence the conversation in real time by providing inputs in private to the person adding this user to the session. This helps in effective and dynamic collaboration.