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Method for detecting a belt seam position Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172952D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-21

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An electrophotographic printer often uses a continuous belt to hold the image during the imaging process. The belt can have a belt seam that resulted from the manufacturing process. The printer needs to know where the belt seam is located so as not to image on that portion of the belt. This idea proposes a mechanical rather than optical means of locating a belt seam using the existing belt edge sensor. The edge sensor provides belt edge location for belt tracking purposes. The sensor outputs a voltage between 0 and 5V proportional to the position of the belt edge. This idea proposes to monitor the edge sensor voltage as it rides over a "half-moon" cut out feature at the inboard seam end and use this information to locate the seam. The cut out already exists on the inboard/outboard edges of the belt as a result of trimming away the seam weld flash. The size of the cut out can be optimized given the speed of the belt, the spring forces on the edge sensor, the geometry of the sensor arm and the sensor (electrical) gain.