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Producing Aesthetically Pleasing Solid Bales of Amorphous EPDM Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172971D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-23

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EPDM can be produced in various grades. Two major designations are semi-crystalline and amorphous. Semi-crystalline pellets are very similar in behavior to polyethylene pellets such as DOWLEX™ 2045 produced by The Dow Chemical Company. Amorphous pellets are not as dimensionally stable as semi-crystalline pellets. With time these pellets can cold flow at ambient conditions and are sticky in nature which creates problems when the product is placed in plastic bags. The product deforms the bags as the material cold flows and results in an undesirable package from an appearance perspective. Non-uniform bags produce pallets that sag or lean and have a general appearance which would be considered unacceptable by most customers of EPDM. For this reason, bags of amorphous material are packaged inside of a large structurally rigid cardboard box.