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Redirected CPU fan Airflow Cleans Dusty Laptop Screen when the Lid is Closed Disclosure Number: IPCOM000172983D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Jul-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Jul-23
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On a laptop computer or similar device, the screen and keyboard can become dusty or dirty after some period of use and need to be cleaned. All the current solutions use manual methods, such as a cleaning cloth or wipe, squeegee, or brush. Disclosed is an idea to automate the cleaning process using the air-moving capabilities inherent in the laptop's CPU cooling system.

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Redirected CPU fan Airflow Cleans Dusty Laptop Screen when the Lid is Closed

Disclosed is a mechanism which redirects air from the CPU fan to channels or louvers aimed at the screen/keyboard when the lid is closed. The air and dust exit the laptop thru channels in the lid on the opposite side from where the air entered the cavity between screen and keyboard. This system puts the CPU cooling system to good use when the laptop is normally in a powered-down state and the CPU is not generating any heat. The power-management subsystem is enhanced to support the feature, and would include options for various cleaning algorithms, ranging from no cleaning to maximum cleaning. These would balance acoustics and battery economy to determine how aggressively to move the air thru the system and for how long. A closed laptop on AC power might initiate the most intense cleaning effort.

There are two preferred implementations. Implementation 1, shown in Figure 1, is based on a lid cowling that captures the air from the standard exit point in the laptop base. Channels in the lid then take the air and spread it to various parts of the screen on one side. Implementation 2, shown in Figure 2, utilizes a lid cowling to steer the air back into the system unit to exit pathways in the base. For either implementation, an air de-ionizing subsystem would enhance the particle-removal characteristics of the redirected airflow.


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