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Publication Date: 2008-Jul-29

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In a process for partially oxidizing methane to an olefin, place a pressurized feed mixture comprising methane, molecular oxygen and, optionally, a diluent, in operative contact with a catalyst, preferably a multi-metallic catalyst e.g. a Group 8B metal, more preferably a rare earth metal, and at least one promoter or doping material such as manganese (Mn), optionally supported by a catalyst support such as an alumina or silica or an aluminosilicate support, either as powder, pellets or monolith, under autothermal process conditions sufficient to prepare a product stream comprising the olefin. The pressurized feed mixture has a molar ratio of methane to molecular oxygen, in conjunction with an amount of diluent when present, sufficient to limit adiabatic temperature rise to a temperature within a range of from 450 ºC to 1150 ºC. The pressurized feed mixture is under an applied pressure that lies within a range of from greater than or equal to atmospheric to 1500 pounds per square inch gauge. The autothermal process conditions include preheating the pressurized feed mixture to a temperature within a range of from 0 ºC to 700 ºC before effecting operative contact with the catalyst, feeding the pressurized and preheated feed mixture to a bed of the catalyst at a gas hourly space velocity (GHSV), calculated as the total flow of the hydrocarbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and optional diluent flows, within a range of from 3,600 ml total feed per ml catalyst per hour (hr-1), measured at standard temperature and pressure, to 6,000,000 hr-1.