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Solar Dynamic Power Generation using a Modified V8 Engine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173293D
Publication Date: 2008-Jul-29

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In one class of solar dynamic electric power generation systems, a parabolic dish mirror concentrates the solar heat for use in a heat engine. The thermodynamic cycles used in the existing art heat engines for this application include the Stirling and the Brayton. In the ideal Stirling cycle the working fluid is compressed at constant temperature, heated at constant volume and then expanded at constant temperature. The Stirling engine is a reciprocating, positive displacement type. In the ideal Brayton cycle the working fluid is compressed at constant entropy, heated at constant pressure and then expanded at constant entropy. The Brayton engine is a continuously flowing turbomachine type. One of the shortcomings of the Brayton engine is the high cost of fabrication of the blades and disks that comprise the compressor and turbine components. Present commercial solar dynamic power systems favor the Stirling over the Brayton cycle. To improve the relative cost position, it may be feasible for the Brayton to use a reciprocating, positive displacement type engine. For example, the V8 automotive engine could be modified to function as a Brayton cycle.