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A method to modify the contents of an attachment and save without duplication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173436D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Aug-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Aug-05
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A Method to modify the contents of an attachment, save and send without duplication.

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A method to modify the contents of an attachment and save without duplication

Currently, an e-mail user (Example: Lotus Notes*) can not update (edit and save) an attachment file (Example: spreadsheet). To make updates, the user has to delete the attachment, make the updates in the original source, and then re-attach the file. It is quite common, while drafting the e-mail, the user needs to update the attachment file. The solution is to provide a mechanism to update the attachment (and original file) or optionally save as a new file in users computer hard disk.

The proposed disclosure solves the problem by letting the e-mail system temporarily save the changed copy of the file in its private data file area. When the user hits the send button, the e-mail system should save the updates into the original file on the user's computer hard disk. Or optionally, allow the user to save the changed copy under a different file name. In this case, the attachment also must be renamed with the new file name.

When the attachment is modified and the modified copy is stored in its private area. It is possible that the user may have updated the attachment several times before sending the message and it is also possible that the message may have multiple attachments. When the user hits SEND, the e-mail system should check the status of all attachment files. For each modified attachment, the system should display a dialog box asking the user t...