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Quality Management for Virtual World Applications - Process and Artifacts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173534D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Aug-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Aug-12
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This publication depicts an end-to-end Quality Management process with emphasis on Quality Assurance and Quality Control for virtual world applications. Supplemental artifacts based on the specific needs for virtual world applications are provided as references for quality management practitioners.

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Quality Management for Virtual World Applications - Process and Artifacts

Disclosed is a document designed to illustrate a complete Quality Management process for virtual world applications. It includes the following aspects:

Quality management tasks on each phase of the development cycle:

- define roles and responsibilities for quality management resources - review vision document and provide feedback
- review business cases and provide feedback
- conduct risk assessment

- review use cases and provide feedback
- review design artifacts provide feedback -

plan testing effort - test environment preparation, test cases/scripts development

- define processes

  Build - the tasks identified below are to be performed iteratively until exit criteria has be met
- continue reviewing design artifacts
- continue developing test cases/scripts
- execute tests including performing regression test after each new build and starting community test
- manage defects
- report final test results

- execute regression test
- execute new function test

3D skill sets required for Quality Management practitioners:

  3D interaction techniques
- 3D testers are players. They need to learn object manipulation, navigation, system control to effectively maneuver in virtual world
- 3D testers need to add the 3D dimension aspect when creating test cases and executing them. Since testing is often is not performed by an individual tester, it is ess...