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Purge Dispenser for Hydrogen Vehicle Production Facilities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173544D
Publication Date: 2008-Aug-12
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Purge Dispenser for Hydrogen Vehicle Production Facilities

In readying tanks for commercial use, they must first be pressure tested and then purged of impurities. Hydrogen vehicles that are mass produced will need to have their tanks filled with inert gas, and then with hydrogen before they can leave the factory. This idea proposes that an automated system that first purges the vehicle with the inert gas, and then secondly with hydrogen be put in place. The system is adapted to filling the cars as they travel down the assembly line. An example of a system that would meet this need is a system where a single supply nozzle is connected to pressurized hydrogen and nitrogen sources, both controlled by individual shut off valves. A defueling nozzle is connected to a vent stack, and a third shut off valve. The car would be connected to both nozzles by either an operator, or by automated equipment. The supply hoses that connect the nozzles to the fixed piping would be long enough to allow the vehicle to continue to travel during the purging process. The vehicle would be filled with nitrogen to 100 bar, then vented to 10 bar, then filled with hydrogen to 100 bar, and vented to 10 bar four times. At that time, the vehicle might get an initial charge of fuel thought the existing connection.