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A System and Method for Customizing Music Selections Played in a Retail Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173601D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Aug-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Aug-15
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Play songs, artists, and/or music genre that customers like, based on what they have purchased on-line.

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A System and Method for Customizing Music Selections Played in a Retail Environment

With the popularity of on-line music providers, such as Apple*'s iTunes** and Amazon***, and the ability to purchase music using ones credit card, a service could be offered to businesses that would provide a list of songs based on the credit card numbers used during a purchase.

For example, a customer walks into a coffee shop, purchases a coffee. When the purchase is made, that credit card number is cross-referenced with Apple's iTunes service, who provides the business a list of the customers favorite songs, artists, or music genre to a local music server, that then integrates those songs into the playlist for the next hour or so. If the customer makes another purchase, the songs are added back..and so forth. The place of business would be able to regulate the type of music played, thus, if they only prefer adult contemporary or Rhythm & Blues, only those types of songs from customer lists would be played. In addition, the entire credit card number would not need to be shared. A subset of digits, i.e. the first four, plus the name of the owner could be provided, which would be enough to verify identity. Of course, the music service provider would have received permission from the consumer, to share this info, before sending the play list info.

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