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Piezo Tines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000173723D
Publication Date: 2008-Aug-21
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Piezo Tines

This idea proposes a controlled deployment of tines through the use of piezo material. Each tine would have a layer of piezo material which would make implanting a tined lead possible without the use of any mechanical accessories.

The proposed idea will allow the tines to remain in the uncompressed position when no voltage is applied and in the compressed position when voltage is applied. This is of importance because the voltage will only be applied during the time of implantation and not after the lead has been implanted. The applied voltage can originate from an external power supply and not the IPG.

An extra contact could be added to the distal end of the lead which would electrically connect all the piezo layers from each tine. This electrical connection can be accomplished through a cable that will run through an existing lumen; therefore, no additional lumen will be required. The external power supply would be temporarily attached to this extra contact in order to contract the tines during implantation and prior to the tines' deployment.

The main benefit of this idea is that no mechanical accessories are required to deploy the tines and accordingly, the lead itself can be used to enter the foramen (or any other desired location). Moreover, the surgeon will be in control of the tines' deployment and retraction (through the use...