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Method and process for increasing electronic mail exchange efficiency Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174126D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Aug-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Aug-27
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This concept recommends solution approaches to the challenge of managing too much incoming electronic mail and the problems that ensue because of it. The solutions offered address the challenges of multiple electronic threads in circulation at the same time, support for reading electronic mail in a single thread history and the notification and correction enablement of an already sent electronic mail.

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Method and process for increasing electronic mail exchange efficiency

A program is disclosed that addresses key challenges of managing too much incoming electronic mail including (1) multiple email threads management (2) multiple unread marks updated when a whole email thread is reviewed (3) support the ability to update email after it has been sent.

The first challenge to overcome is coordination of multiple responses to an electronic mail, where there are multiple exchange threads created, rather than one inline comprehensive response history. A merge capability is needed, where the different exchanges can be brought into one electronic mail thread, for all users to work from. The program will take responses, in a time order approach, and combine the contents in a common thread.

The second challenge the program addresses, is correctly noting when an email has been read, especially when it is a part of whole response history. This means, when there have been exchanges between multiple users, a recipient can read the latest email received and the prior history is also included. When that content is read from another entry, it would be helpful having that earlier entry marked as 'read already' automatically. The program is able to detect that earlier emails have been read, and mark them as
read accordingly, on behalf of the user.

The third challenge addressed is handling of electronic mail already distributed and needing to...