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Thesaurus Searching Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174172D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Aug-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Aug-30
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When searching on-line for anything that has synonyms it is difficult to think of all the possible synonyms to reveal all the possible pages of interest. This article describes a method to increase the scope of the results derived from a search by providing the user a list of synonyms from which to add to the search.

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Thesaurus Searching

This article describes a search engine that has a GUI to allow selection of thesaurus searching and an associated database that includes synonyms of the search words. When the feature is enabled, it shows the top results that include all the various synonyms for all the words used in the search. The thesaurus search could be automatically applied, set in the user's preferences, or simply set in the search results page.

A user would go to a search engine, enter in term(s) to search for, and would be presented with synonymous search terms. The search engine could automatically apply the thesaurus search, or present the user with the alternate text.

The additional search phrases could be links at the top of the search results, with checkboxes allowing you to enable or disable that phrase. The user could set a global preference to always use the thesaurus search.

A search operator could be use used as well, to force the thesaurus search. You can currently look up the definition of a word on google using the "define:" operator. There could be a similar operator for thesaurus searching.

The back end database simply needs to add additional fields for related words or synonyms. When a search is implemented, the search engine accesses the list of websites with the search word(s), but also provides the list of synonyms in a separate s...