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Life-signs Badge Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174455D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a system to locate employees trapped in a collapsed building, and to distinguish between the deceased and the possible living.

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Life-signs Badge

Have a badge that can detect if a person is alive, and if so transmit a homing signal.

During normal use, this module waits for an emergency signal. Because of privacy concerns, emergency activation signal is only available to a small number of authorized users (fire dept., etc.).

When moved into emergency mode, the badge attempts to detect if there is a living person nearby. To do this it uses two sensors:
1. Microphone, which can pick up breathing.
2. Heat sensor. This won't help if the ambient temperature is too high, but in a cold environment it can detect body heat even through a shirt.

If there is a living body nearby, the badge waits for an activation signal, and then responds to let rescuers find the nearby person. This system does not require touch, in contrast to many others.