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Automatic scanner glass cleaner (Appeal of RPS8-2008-0264) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174544D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Sep-12
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Automatic scanner glass cleaner

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Automatic scanner glass cleaner (Appeal of RPS8-2008-0264)

Delays during retail checkout transactions cost retailers money. Dirty Scanner glass will cause mis-scans and re-scans. Frequently, cashiers should stop servicing customers and clean the scanner glass. Many cashiers don't bother to stop and clean the scanner glass often enough due to high productivity drives that the retailers put their cashiers under. This invention will assist in driving higher productivity through cleaner scanner glass.

Our solution will continuously provide a clean surface for the scanner based upon the scanner being in use. The scanner glass will be a large disc shaped like a Compact Disc only much larger. The glass will spin very slowly such that a full rotation can take some time (60 mins?). The goal is to always have a 'clean' area for the scanner to scan through.

Our solution will work by a slowly rotating scanner glass to provide a 'new' clean surface. Inside the rotating mechanism, a cleaning cycle will initiate to clean the dirty scanner glass. At a minimum, this will be a scraper and tray mechanism. This will provide the lane with a continuous clean glass for the scanner to eliminate the spread of germs and scanning performance degradation.

Scanner Window(small rectangle)

Scanner Platform(large rectangle)

Circle of Glass

Customers purchase items as glass ge...