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Inexpensive RTLS using passive RFID Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174734D
Publication Date: 2008-Sep-19
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Title: Inexpensive RTLS using passive RFID

This concept involves tracking items and their locations using only passive RFID. This idea relies on seeding an area with known passive RFID (Low frequency, High frequency, or UHF) tags. A separate reader would be used to move through the "mine field", and as actual product tags are read, they would be associated with the seeded (known) location of the fixed tags. Essentially a reader could be mounted to a forklift that collects the information from the tags it reads. The position of the tracked items would be identified by the relationship to the known, seeded tags. Using the fixed tags and their known location, one can eliminate the need for GPS or other locating hardware since GPS does not work well within buildings. Using field strength and multiple seeded tags, one could increase the accuracy of locating. This technique would be less expensive than setting up expensive access points. The present concept does not use a "blink" rate, but rather relies on a passive reader moving through the field to discover and associate the location of the tagged items.