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Method for Tagging Booths at Trade Show by Text Messaging and Retrieving List and Information via email Afterwards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000174979D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Sep-30
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At the end of a trade show, conference, festival or other large event, participants typically have a vague memory of the interesting booths and a bag full of materials that are hard to correlate. Text messages are a pervasive technology that can be applied to capture and distribute information specific to attendees and exhibitors. Participants may send text messages to register for information, and organizers can send text messages to notify participants of interesting exhibits.

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Method for Tagging Booths at Trade Show by Text Messaging and Retrieving List and Information via email Afterwards

Keeping a hard copy list or typing in information is cumbersome and may get in the way of participation in the event. Participants may send themselves notes using a mobile device, but this requires organizational skills from the participant. Badge scanners are already used by booth owners to track attendees interested in more information at some events. Badge scanners require a large capital investment in hardware and are not appropriate for events when the participants do not register in advance or may not get a badge.

This article proposes a method using text messages to solve these common problems. When entering the event or registering for the event, the customer may leave their phone number and physical address or phone number and e-mail address with the organizers. If there is no opportunity for the participant to supply this information to the organizers before the event, as with a festival with open admittance, the participant may send a text message with their e-mail address or physical address to a number advertised by the organizers. The participant can decide when registering with the organizers whether or not his or her information should be shared with the exhibitors automatically. When a participant finds an exhibitor of interest, the participant sends a text message to the organizers with a code identifying the exhibitor. The code is advertised by the exhibitor to the participant.