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Software Inventory Validation Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000175050D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Oct-03
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A key component of any Software License Management (SWLM) implementation is an inventory of the hardware in use throughout the environment. For that inventory to be effective, it is critical that is reflects a holistic view of the software products installed on each piece of hardware in your environment. Omissions in this inventory will directly cause either compliance issues, or excess software spend. The tools available in the market place today for SW Inventory and SW License Management do not offer a mechanism to ensure that scans have been completed on all the required HW (including virtual partitions) or that the SW inventory has found all installed products and not caused false hits.

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Software Inventory Validation Tool

Software Scanning Solutions are a critical component of Software License Management (SWLM) and Configuration Management systems.
- SW Inventory Tool examples: Tivoli® Configuration Manager (TCM), Tivoli License Compliance Manager (TLCM), Tivoli License Compliance Manager for zSeries® (TLCMz), and Microsoft® SMS
- The Results of the SW Scan feed SW License Management Tools and Processes

- If the SW inventory is flawed your compliance position is in jeopardy

Key Issues Include:
- The Software Knowledge Base (SW Signatures) are incomplete
- Scanning results may exist in Multiple Locations
- The Inventory solution is not scanning the correct population of endpoints

The Software Inventory Validation Tool addresses key issues that exist in Software Scanning solutions today. It provides a closed loop tool for managing the quality of the inventory solution. The SW Inventory Validation Tool, addresses the following issues:
- Multiple Inventory Sources

- Consolidates Inventories from multiple tools
- Quality

- Enables validation of the SW Inventory by Technical Staff

- Provides Feedback to the SW Signature Knowledge Base staff
- HW Baseline

- Manages the Scanned Endpoint Population

- Ensures the desired machines are scanned (no more, no less)

Software Inventory Solutions use SW Signatures to identify installed Software, referred to as a Knowledge Base. All products offer a "starter" set of signatures. Building a "complete" set of signatures is not practical. A product may have a different signature per version and per

No method exists to measure/validate your inventory Quality.

This tool presents the Technical staff with the inventory results. System administrators validate the SW inventory of each Endpoint.
- DB2® v5 - Yes, this is installed
- Oracle® v1

No, this is not installed ( "false positive" )
- Donkey Kong® - Missed - installed but not showing up on the inventory

Each false positive and miss are then worked by the Signature Management Team. Missing Signatures can be created to solve the "miss". Bad Signa...