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Frozen Desserts with Unique Sensory Qualities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000175307D
Publication Date: 2008-Oct-08
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Frozen Desserts with Unique Sensory Qualities


            Gases such as food-grade fluorocarbon (Freon) and nitrous oxide are injected into the frozen dessert mix to produce soft food mixes such as soft ice cream (Patent Numbers: US3959513; US4659575). Inert gases such as nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide have been used to extract coffee aroma and incorporate it in frozen desserts (Patent Number GB907571). Rapid cooling during the freezing stage of frozen product manufacturing has been demonstrated to be accomplished by the use of cryogenic gases such as liquefied nitrogen (Patent Numbers: JP62155075; US4993238; US5098732; JP10136900; RU2218806; JP2002142682; US Patent Application 2004/0107844 A1). More recently, nitrogen gas has been injected as bubbles into the ice cream foam so as to suppress oxidation by light and prevent the production of off-flavor in ice creams (Patent Number JP2005058131).


            The invention provides frozen desserts, such as ice cream, with unique sensory qualities, which can be detected upon consumption. The sensory feel as imparted is due to the incorporation of helium or helium based gas mixtures in frozen desserts.

Detailed Description of the Invention

            a. The primary process involves incorporating helium or helium based gas mixture to frozen desserts during their manufacturing process

            b. The process includes incorporating the above mentioned gas or gas mixture continuously or in batch mode.

                        - The purpose of gas incorporation is to impart a unique sensory feel to the frozen desserts....