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Method and system for filtering calls by severity. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000175717D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Oct-20
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With the wide use of cell phones, VOIP devices, laptops, PDAs, there are also many different ways in which you can be disturbed or distracted while you are busy doing something very important. On the other side in whatever situation you are you could need to be reached for very urgent matters.Nowadays many call filters already exist on the latest cell phones, but most of them are based on calling numbers (you can list the numbers that you allow or not to make ring your phone). Also the use of already existing different profiles (Meeting, Outdoor, Silent, etc.) could not be sufficient because they are addressed to all the incoming calls. To avoid these drawbacks we propose a different solution based on a system of different severity levels for the incoming calls. This system could be implemented in any device normally used for calls.

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Method and system for filtering calls by severity.

This proposal is to create a system to receive incoming calls based on a Severity Level System with three different levels.

This system is different from all previous kind of call filters, because it is not based on a static list of phone numbers (or IP addresses for VOIP devices). Instead, this idea depends on a dynamic logical grouping based on the choice of the caller for every single call and on the

possibility of the receiver to answer the call.

This could be implemented adding two features on the device (for instance a cell phone). One feature, implemented on the device of the dialer, is the possibility to specify if the call is a standard call (severity 3), an important call (severity 2) or an urgent call (severity 1).

The standard call does not need any choice. Instead a new menu will be added to select if the dialer wants to make an important or an urgent call (or another possible solution is to put before the number a special key combination, for example #1#).

The other feature is implemented on the device of the receiver allows the receiver to customize his profiles (for example in the cell phone he can customize the profiles that are already presents) to filter only calls of a certain level.

For example if the receiver is in a meeting and chooses the Meeting Profile, he can customize the profile specifying also the severity level, that in this case could be Severity Level 1.

All user profiles can be customized with the settings that the receiver considers as useful (vibration, ring, sms, call diverting, etc.) for both the accepted and the refused calls.

If a call is filtered according to the severity level, the receiver can choose to receive an SMS (like the standard missed calls sms), an e-mail (for example if he does not want to fill up his inbox with SMS) or both.

  The final goal of this solution is to allow an incomi...