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Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-27
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This article describes a system of enabling a user to access e-mailing and calendaring applications using a fast-booting simplified operating system while the main operating system (e.g. Windows*) boots up in the background, thus enabling worthwhile administrative tasks to be performed as their personal computer is booting up.

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The average time for a normal Windows* machine to boot up ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the wear and tear of the machine or/and the number of tasks at start-up. At this point, the user has no choice but to sit idle next to the machine and wait for it to boot up, thus a waste of time. To overcome this, the present idea proposes an email client running simultaneously with the system boot up process, allowing users to manage their emails and perform various tasks on the client, thus making the most of their time.

Existing Product: SplashTop

    SplashTop is essentially an instant-on Linux desktop environment that within a few seconds of turning on your PC, you can be surfing the Internet via a Firefox-based web browser or even using Skype's VoIP client. The ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi, which is the first motherboard to adopt this embedded Linux** technology. The original article can be read in ASUS Motherboard Ships With Embedded Linux, Web Browser.

    Aside from the time savings advantage, SplashTop also has the benefit of saving power compared to a traditional desktop operating system, allows for diskless computing, and succeeding updates will introduce new functionality. Some of the upcoming functionality on their roadmap includes being able to flash the motherboard's BIOS from within the SplashTop environment as well as watching a DVD or using a media player. The initial release of SplashTop was powered by the Linux 2.6.20 kernel and uses Blackbox, SCIM, SquashFS, and other open-source packages. DeviceVM has released bits of the SplashTop source-code, but a more formal SDK will be introduced next year.

Drawbacks with Splashtop:

    The existing model (Splashtop) differs from the present proposal in a way that it does not allow the user to access any email clients, hence does not provide any accessibility to calendars or planner tasks. Splashtop acts as a mini operating system whereas the invention provides a fully capable operating system, which is booted up in the background while the user is able to perform various useful tasks at the front end.

    This application/utility provides the users the ability to use their email client while the computer is booting up. On an average a user spends, for example, three and half minutes to boot up their machine. If this time could be utilised in some way like checking their email which is normally the first task which every employee performs at the start of their day, many hours of employee time will be saved each day.

    Also, people with lower spec PCs and people who have badly maintained the...