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Storage and Recharging device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000175959D
Publication Date: 2008-Oct-29
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Storage and recharging device

Described is a new storage and recharging device for a rechargeable electrical appliance, for example for a personal care device like a shaving, epilating or grooming device. The storage and recharging device comprises a box-shaped housing which can be opened via a pivotable lid. The housing may for example be in the form of a small suitcase. The housing accommodates a storage position in which the rechargeable electrical appliance can be positioned and stored. In its stored position the appliance is electrically connected to an electrical power connector, via which the appliance is electrically rechargeable. The storage and recharging device further comprises an external power supply cord for connection of the device to a mains supply socket. The device may further comprise a wind-up reel for the power supply cord. The housing may accommodate further storage positions for further rechargeable electrical appliances to be recharged. The device may also comprise suitable storage positions for auxiliary parts, accessories or attachments to be used with the appliance(s).

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