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Multi-layer gasket for an exhaust line Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176004D
Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31

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This disclosure relates to a multi-layer gasket for an exhaust line, in particular for arrangement between an exhaust manifold and a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine. In order to avoid damages to the gasket layers and leakage caused by a pushing motion of the exhaust manifold relative to the cylinder head in the longitudinal direction of the gasket, due to a difference in thermal expansions, and to solve the problem of an undesired expansion of screwholes for screws fixing the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head due to such a pushing motion, the multi-layer gasket comprises a carrier layer, a first beaded sealing layer which is fixed to the carrier layer and a second beaded sealing layer which is arranged an the carrier layer in such a way that it can be moved relative to the carrier layer.