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Cylinder head gasket having support functions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176005D
Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31

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This disclosure relates to a mono-layer or multi-layer, substantially metallic cylinder head gasket comprising at least one metal sheet layer having at least one bead which is deformable in its height direction, wherein said beaded metal sheet layer and/or a further metal sheet layer of the gasket is provided with at least two support portions for receiving pressing forces acting an the gasket during the mounting and/or during the operation thereof and for protecting the bead against excessive deformations, wherein - seen in a top plan view of the gasket - the bead is arranged between two support portions (forming a so-called double stopper). The bead and the support portions can surround an opening of the flat gasket to be sealed as a whole or partially, or can be provided at a different location of the gasket where, like in the edge portion of an opening, a first one of the support portions can be formed as an edge portion of a metal sheet layer that is bent and folded back upon itself. As an alternative, the first support portion can be formed by means of applying a support plate onto a metal sheet layer, whereby said first support portion is formed in a distance from an edge portion of the metal sheet layer.