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Method for chat spam prevention in a virtual world Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176008D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Oct-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Oct-31
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Currently there is not a method for reducing introduction spam in a virtual world where automated bots attempt to contact and chat with you. Previous systems focus on dealing with email and html form spam. Automated chat spam within a virtual world will continue to grow as a problem as more users continue to utilize virtual worlds. Proposed is a chat bot that allows for users to create custom action greetings that other chat users must mimic to chat with the user. If the user does not mimic the chat or action appropriately, that user does not have permission to communicate with the original user. The system can be customized for each user and the actions are stored in the user's on-line profile.

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Method for chat spam prevention in a virtual world

The proposed system enables users to define specific actions to complete which will allow another user to speak with them. This method reduces the amount of automated chat spam that is introduced to the user.

An example would be if Bill decides he would like to login to second life and go shopping. While shopping at a store, an automated bot continually introduces itself to Bill and attempts to sell him different items depending on where he is located in the store. This is frustrating to Bill because he would like to just browse around and not be interrupted.

Next time Bill goes to the store, he has enabled the chat spam blocker tool and created an validation setting where the user wanting to speak with Bill must spin in a circle one time and then raise their hands in the air before they can chat with Bill. Since this is a custom interaction that the spam bot is not aware of, Bill does not get bothered by the chat spam at all.

In addition, since each user can create their own introduction process, it will be very difficult for automated bots to break for more than just a few users at any one time.

Additional Considerations:
1. System that allows for multiple custom greetings where one of the greeting types is randomly chosen to display
2. Create allowable lists for users to have access directly without going through the intro process such at merging the address book either t...