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An Ubiquitous System for Comprehending and Satiating User’s Needs by Sensing User’s ambience Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176072D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Nov-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Nov-04
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Virtual worlds are well-known as being a social networking place and are becoming a new and innovative platform for various real-life domains also. Being an innovative platform for commercial domains, many companies, business organizations have incorporated virtual worlds as a new form of advertising for their products and services. In virtual worlds users generally browse the latest products which in turn are related to their hobbies, interests etc. Apart from these factors, user’s local ambience is also a prominent factor which helps user to decide to buy a particular product. Our disclosed novel mechanism proposes an ubiquitous system for comprehending and satiating user’s needs by sensing user’s ambience. The novel mechanism mentioned in the article displays an advertisement to the user at the exact moment when the user’s requirement for the corresponding commodity is at a significant level. The Decision support system produces inferences using the information about the user’s ambience sensed by different techniques. Based on the inferences drawn by the design system, the advertisement for appropriate product is displayed in the user’s browser.

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An Ubiquitous System for Comprehending and Satiating User's Needs by Sensing User's ambience


Abhinay R Nagpal, Gaurav Mehrotra, Harshwardhan S Mulay,Chinmay P Soman.

Problem solved by our invention:

1) There is currently, no mechanism that understands the needs of the users on the basis of the local environment/climate factors, sound, smell and other sensory parameters. These parameters are in turn, related to the user's physical location.
2) Due to this deficiency, no mechanism exists that can utilize this information, from a commercial point of view by way of generating advertisements of the products satisfying the user's needs.

    "Disclosed is a novel mechanism to develop a self-aware intelligent system on Virtual World (such as Second Life) that analyzes the user's local ambience (which includes temperature, sound, smell, humidity and so on) as well as climate in user's city and makes inferences on the needs of that particular user. The system should also display relevant advertisements that could potentially satisfy the needs of the user and increase sales at the same time, resulting in a win-win situation."

    The novelty of the solution lies in the fact that an advertisement is displayed to the user, at the exact moment when the user's requirement for the corresponding commodity is at a significant level.



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Fig 1:- Block diagram of proposed system.

Step 1 :-In above diagram ,the electronic sensors are used on client side to sense factors affecting the climate in the user's vicinity, continuously. Various factors like temperature, humidity, fragrance, sound intensity are considered.

Step 2:-The client side analyzer will process the values provided by the sensors.

Step 3:- The location tracker will generate the information regarding the physical location of the user using methodologies such as GPS tracker / IP address tracker / information provided by the user. At the same time weather report generator will consider the location given by location tracker and it will fetch the weather report for the user's city.

Step 4:- Based on the inputs...