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Method of tracking documents for potential re-use via email gateway monitors. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176193D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Nov-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Nov-07
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Proposed is a method where document users or creators can voluntarily create tags associated with documents and when the documents are emailed to end users, the mail gateways learn and track these keyword tags. Then, the mail gateways can provide potential contacts for users interested in certain key tagwords.

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Method of tracking documents for potential re -use via email gateway monitors.

Often there are cases where a person must create a document or spreadsheet that is very close to what someone has already prepared in the past. The most obvious example is where a user is creating a presentation for an audience and is unsure if someone has already created a related document or presentation that could be simply modified for the current purpose. To find out, one might have to send out an email to all members of a department or a division - asking if such a pre-existing presentation might already exist.

This idea can be described in three parts: Creation, Keyword Caching, and Discovery.


As a user, one decides to create a presentation. One decides that this document is not confidential nor private. The presentation deals with a future product that is to be revealed in the upcoming year. The project is code named "Nighthawk" and it deals with a networked filesystem with Logical Partitions and a database. Thus, the user creating the presentation can select or designate keyword tags associated with the document:

Nighthawk network filesystem Logical Partition database
Operating System

When the user completes the document, it is saved then mailed off to people for a meeting or presentation they have later in the week. In this example, The creator mails the document to a co-worker named Sam Smith.

Keyword Caching:

When the author mails off the presentation as an attachment in email, several things occur:

The email server notes that there is an attachment in the email







A few weeks later, someone in a different area is working on a presentation to outside software vendors. They start working on a pr...