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Method for assembling a cab for a commercial vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176614D
Publication Date: 2008-Nov-19
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Method for assembling a cab for a commercial vehicle

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing vehicle cabs for commercial vehicles and to a vehicle cab produced according to the method. The invention relates primarily to vehicle cabs having a metal structure within which various functional equip­ment and internal finishing components are introduced and installed in order to complete the cab.

Normally such cabs are manufactured by first completing the entire metal structure and there­after inserting all preassembled various modular and internal finishing components through the apertures of the side doors and the windows. Inserting all large interior components, such as instrument panels, wall panels, chairs, beds, floor mats, shelves, electrical cabling systems etc through the door and window apertures is sometimes complicated and slows down the manufacturing process. Besides the problems inserting large parts through the apertures it is also difficult for the assem­bling personnel to operate and fit all equipment in the limited space of a cab due to the accessibility limitations.

An object of the invention is therefore to reduce or eliminate the above disadvan­tag­es and present a method that makes it more effective, easier and faster, to insert and fit interior compo­nents and to complete the assembling of a cab for a commercial vehicle in a reduced time. Another object of the invention is to make it easier/faster to assemble the internal components in the cab by an automatic technique.

The invention will be described in more detail below with reference to the drawings.

Figure 1a-b illustrates a cab according to the invention, divided in two major parts or modules, one upper module 1 and one lower module 2. The upper module 1 consists of the upper metal structure of the cab including the exterior parts such as the front windscreen 3, side walls 4 and side windows 5, the rear wall 6, the roof 7 etc. The lower module consists of the lower metal structure of the cab including the floor 8 and the front torpedo wall 9 etc.  

Figure 2 illustrates the upper module 1 with its main internal components fitted. Parts like lower and upper beds 10a,b , windscreen 3, lamps 11a,b, electrical cabling (not shown), wall panels 12, shelves 13, roof hatch 14 etc are fitted and tested before the cab is completed by merging the upper module and the lower module. Because of the large openings from below and in the front of the upper module 1 it is easy to introduce and fit all large interior and preassembled components.