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Online Diagnostics And Logs Collection Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000176859D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Nov-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Nov-25

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Fawad A. Khan: INVENTOR


A software diagnostic tool is described herein to provide service related data management. The diagnostic tool retrieves issue resolution data such as system configurations, network configurations, and diagnostic information. The tool also accesses the information and then stores such information into a hierarchy of folders. The folder hierarchy includes a main diagnostic tool folder comprising a sub-level of folders. The sub-level includes a log file to track the tool and a folder for each service-based and related applications it supports. Specifically, the diagnostic tool provides an organizational structure to store system, network, and application information rendering troubleshooting issues more efficient since necessary issue resolution data is stored in a manageable way.

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Capturing critical system, diagnostic, and configuration information is an essential task that is often time-consuming and cumbersome for the user.  From the technical support perspective, the task of going back and forth with a customer to locate system information and logs is unduly burdensome.  Resources currently exist to assist in alleviating the daunting task of such information retrieval.  One such resource is the Microsoft Configuration Capture Utility (MPS_REPORTS), which is a software package with the ability to collect system, diagnostic, and configuration information.  This software is helpful when trying to locate configuration and log information to help troubleshoot an issue.  The MPS_REPORTS offers only the above described information without offering online services specific data. 

Another resource currently available is the Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool for Live Meeting, which accesses the system and network configuration along with collecting only Live Meeting specific information. 

Described herein is a software diagnostic tool that is provided for a user to run when having service issues.  The diagnostic tool is compatible with Windows® operating systems, Windows XP®, and Windows Vista®, to name a few.  The diagnostic tool performs network diagnostics, collects system configurations and network configurations, and collects detailed information regarding service based applications and other data relevant to resolving the issue faced by the service subscriber.  Data that would normally take a significant amount of time to collect manually, such as log files, registry keys, and configuration settings, are automatically gathered by the diagnostic tool.  All the information collected will assist technical support personnel in diagnosing and resolving the issue for the service user.

The diagnostic tool may be installed on any well known operating system such as Windows, Mac, or the like.  The diagnostic tool should be run by the service user having issues at the particular workstation having issues since the diagnostic tool gathers information on the system of the computer, in the context of the user logged in, on which it is run.

Once the diagnostic tool is initialized, it is acknowledged by the user and begins to runs in the background.  Upon completion of the information retrieval, the diagnostic tool notifies the user of its successful completion.  The diagnostic tool begins by collecting information on the configuration of the computer on which it is being run.  Figure 1 below illustrates system information which is being captured as a text file.

Figure 1.  System Information

System configuration information includes logs, registry keys, and configuration files of a computer.  Information on the currently installed ...