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RFID system and method for ensuring personnel safety of children based on toy to age applicability. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177078D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-04
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A method for allowing simple determination of toys that may be present and of inappropriate age for a child in a visited area and also a method for determining toys in a visited area that may be under a safety recall.

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RFID system and method for ensuring personnel safety of children based on toy to age applicability.

The intent of the invention is increased child safety and reduction of mortality due to the presence of toys that are inappropriate for a child's age of development or have been deemed unsafe due to recall. There is currently no simple, effective way of knowing when a toy has been recalled.

When a child enters a place where other children of mixed ages are already present or were previously present such as daycares, playgrounds, hotel rooms, aquaintences premises, friends, family, etc there is a risk of toys being present or left behind that are inapporiate for the age of the entering child. Furthermore, when toys are recalled due to defects in safety there is no current unified simple method for a person to determine whether any of their toys or toys in a visited area may be affected by the recall.

The invention works as follows:

RFID devices are embedded within toys (many toys already have RFID embedded) An RFID scanner is embedded in a common user device such as a cell phone.

The scanner is used to sweep an area for hidden and obvious toys and provide feedback as to the age applicability of the toys that are scanned.

The scanner being embedded in a common, easy to use device such as a cell phone can then additionally be linked immediately to a national database that would alert the scanner of any recalls or age adjustment...