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System And Method To Find Hot Contact In Instant Messenger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177237D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-07
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Today, Instant messaging system plays more and more important role in our daily life, it is not only a tool for buddy to chat but also an internal collaboration tool. Generally we would have many contacts in the list, we must go through the whole list when we want to find the specific contact. Of course, categorizing the contacts by groups helps us a lot in finding the specified contact, or we can use quick search function to find, but these alternatives don't have value for those people who are asthenopia or who are not convenient to press keyboard or who prefers to use mouse instead of keyboard. The disclosure provides efficient methods to find and also initialize chat with the hot contact, it could improve the accessibility and also make the instant message tool more efficient. Method 1 is to enlarge the font or change color of the hot contact name in the contact list; Method 2 is to pull the contact out as a separate icon, then we could initialize chat with the contact directly by clicking the icon. Method 3 is to initialize the chat directly when double click on the instant message program icon; Method 4 is to add the hot contact to the right click menu list.

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System And Method To Find Hot Contact In Instant Messenger

Part 1 of the invention is to highlight the hot contact by enlarging the hot contact name in the contact list.

It could improve the accessibility a lot. With this function, you could not only find the hot contact more quickly but also could pitch on the contact more accurately, do you have the experience with wrongly clicking the nearest contact in the list because the contact font is small?

Also we could change the hot contact name's color to highlight it, this is another option.

This function could be added to the right click function as below.

Part 2 of this invention is to provide a fast and convenient method to initialize the chat with the hot contact.

Generally you should execute below steps to initialize a chat with a contact

1. Click program icon to open the contact list;

2. Find the contact and move cursor to the name;

2. Double Click the name to initialize the chat;

The disclosure provides the methods to initialize the hot contact chat directly, it is very useful when you often chat with one or a few business partner(s).

1. Method 1 is that you could pull the hot contact to desktop directly, and then click the icon to initialize chat with the hot contact directly.
2. Another option is that when you single click on the Instant messaging program icon, it will open contact list;

when you double click the Instant messaging program icon, it would open a chat wi...