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Method and system to get the sender's location information via an email address Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177246D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-07
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Show location information on email client. "IP address" is like a bridge that can connect "email address" and "location". "X_Originating_IP", which encapsulates sender's IP address, is optional field in email header and configurable in mail server.

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Method and system to get the sender's location information via an email address

1. Background: What is the problem solved by your invention? Describe known solutions to this problem (if any). What are the drawbacks of such known solutions, or why is an additional solution required? Cite any relevant technical documents or references.

What's the problem we have?
Current email clients, like Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, or Gmail, cannot show senders' location information. But receipts need this information in certain scenarios.

Scenario 1:
For a product,

when there is a new release,

we usually have volunteers to do a small external

test first. Then the volunteers usually send feedback to us by emails. The volunteers' location information is very helpful to us, but we cannot get the information form emails.

Scenario 2:

For support specialists, they could receive many emails from customers to report issues, the customers' location information is very useful to them. But they cannot get this information using current mail client.

Scenario 3:

For junk emails, getting their location information is useful for blocking them. It's reported that American is the country that send the most number of junk emails. So when a Chinese user receives a mail from American, the mail client can warn him that it might be a junk mail.

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