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System and Method for Organisational and Dynamic Summarisation in messaging applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177353D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-09
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A program is disclosed supporting the ability to specify requirements for summarization of content in a messaging system or associated systems that incorporates configurable, dynamic and organizational constraints.

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System and Method for Organisational and Dynamic Summarisation in messaging applications

The program supports specification of a policy such that the contents of electronic mail received is summarized, based on key attributes recognized about the recipient. For example, electronic mail for an executive is summarized with greater precision/brevity than a manager. This same electronic mail received by a manager may also may get summarized, but to a lesser degree. When ascending the organization chain, including up to the executive level, it is understood that the executive attention span has to be lower, as there are more issues to deal with, and therefore, summarization tools provide a capability to reduce that complexity to something more readable.

This program supports the ability for a user to be able to set a preference to summarize their received e-mail content to have content that will take no longer, for example, that 1 minute of reading. When the executive recipient opens the received message, the summary will be at the top of the message. Alternately, an individual contributor may have a preference to summarize e-mail content equalling a required review time to be a longer period of time.

An organization policy is applied supporting the various options upon receipt. For example, an executive can always have the ability of seeing summary content. The organization policy can also enable the summarization feature selectively, where it is made available at a given threshold to an executive, lesser threshold for a first line manager, and not at all for an individual contributor. Likewise, an individual can set their own preferences inside or...