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A method to rebuild a Corrupted/Missing File Back Device Side Car File Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177356D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-09
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A method to re-create the meta data(Side-car)file of a backing device in a virtual operating environment.

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A method to rebuild a Corrupted /Missing File Back Device Side Car File

Disclosed is a method to re-create a meta data file of a backing device in a virtual operating environment if it was corrupted or missed.

On IBM system P™ and Systems i™, an AIX™ (Advanced Interactive Executive) based VIOS (virtual I/O server) partition is available to setup and manage virtual devices. The main function of the VIOS is to provide virtual devices to client partitions. One of the concepts used to provide virtual storage is file-backed devices. The concept uses a file as a backing device to provide storage to a client. Each file-backed backing device has a meta data file associated with it containing information about the backing file and the number of clients accessing it. The problem is when this meta data file becomes corrupted or lost, the backing file associated with the corrupted meta data file can no longer be managed.

The idea to resolve this problem is to recreate the meta data file when it becomes unaccessible either by corruption or completely lost. The VIOS has the ability to find whether the meta data file of a backing device is in good state when the user tries to manage file-backed device. If the meta file is missing or corrupted, the VIOS give the user the option to have the VIOS gather/generate any information about the backing device and recreate the meta file. The main advantage is that whenever the meta data file of a backing dev...