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Virtualizing Real Events Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177358D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-09
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Virtual worlds offer a lot of interesting alternatives to reality, but sometimes there could be an interesting blending of the reality inside a virtual world. This idea seamlessly blends real world events with virtual world events and would lead to many new types of applications.

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Virtualizing Real Events

Given a live sporting event it would be fairly simple to do physical motion capture on the

participants and transfer this information into a virtual world for real time playback and capture

This would allow virtual avatars to view a live event or a playback from the viewpoint of a specific participant in an event. By recording this information it could be used for much deeper analysis of a strategy or tactic that was attempted during the live event. Coaches and players could use this to adjust their strategy and all participants and viewers could use this to do analysis for a future event. Fans could watch from the live event or playback from the viewpoint of their favorite player.

The wealth of information derived from recording a motion capture of a live event into a virtual world would allow for many types of applications that are currently not available.

There have been live sporting events that have been motion captured (2K sports used this for

NBA 2K8), but this was then used in the creation of a stand alone video game. My invention

would take this real-time information directly into a virtual world and allow live playback of the event or the ability to record those events for later analysis. Some sporting events are simulcast online, but this is typically a play by play entry that updates the viewpoint and may simulate the action in the event.

Nothing that translates the participant informat...