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Method for creating Supermashups based on the analysis of existing mashups

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177369D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-10
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This disclosure describes a method for automatically creating supermashups based on the analysis of existing mashups. Supermashups are comprised of fragments of existing mashups.

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Method for creating Supermashups based on the analysis of existing mashups

Disclosed is a method for creating supermaships based on the analysis of existing mashups. Mashups are web applications that combine data from more than one source into a single integrated system. A typical example would be a mashup that is comprised of a hotel booking/reservation "portlet" and a maps widget.

Today users most often have to construct the perfect mashup (matching their needs best) manually. E.g. if they want a mashup for arranging a travel they probably need a portlet for booking a flight, a portlet for booking a hotel, a portlet for booking a car, maybe a portlet adding cartographic information, maybe a calender portlet for convenience etc etc, Many users construct mashups for the same purpose over and over again - a tedious task.

Based on collective intelligence and on the application of data mining technologies the method analyzes existing mashups available for a certain purpose x. This allows to create Supermashups that are comprised of the combination of all fragments being available in all existing mashups with regard to x. An example supermashup that is depicted in figure 4. This mashup is based on the mashups that are shown in Figure 1 to 3.

Supermashups represent powerful starting points which users can use as a template instead of manually search...