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Energy Buffer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177401D
Publication Date: 2008-Dec-12
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Energy buffer

Background of the invention

    Most kitchen appliances comprise a motor and a coupling for coupling tools. This motor will heat up during operation and therefore be a heat source. During operation this heat is easily cooled off by the generation of an air flow along the heated parts. After operation, the motor is still hot while the air flow has diminished or disappeared. Heat will spread from the motor though heat conductive materials to other parts of the kitchen appliance. These other parts might be temperature critical in the sense that they lose some of their preferred characteristics when heated above a certain temperature. E.g. the temperature critical part melts, gets brittle, or degenerates in another way.

The essential feature of the invention

    This invention proposes an energy buffer to be placed between the heat source and the temperature critical part along the heat conduction path from heat source to temperature critical part. Through this, the temperature critical part is protected during use and after use.

Detailed description of the invention

 motor convection

critical part

Figure 1: motor-shaft system

    During operation, the motor subsystem (blue system boundary in Figure 1) heats up due to energy loss, the motor storing a certain amount of energy, emitting some energy per time unit due to convection, and transmitting some energy through the shaft. Due to the operation parts are moving and an airflow might be forced, resulting in a rather strong energy transfer due to convection.

    There is no critical effect on the temperature critical part during use as long as there is a thermo-dynamical balance within the red and the blue system.

When the motor gets stopped, the motor core has a certain temperature based on the remaining heat amount. This heat wi...