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Advanced power management mechanism of desktop/laptop Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177428D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-15
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Disclosed is a mechanism that provide an auto-detect power management system. This system includes a thermal sensor to detect if there is any heat source in front of computer. The system will also disable power saving mode when VGA port is occupied. This smart mechanism can automatically avoid screensaver to be triggered when no mouse movement is made for a long period.

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Advanced power management mechanism of desktop /laptop

1. Background: The laptop usually provides power management and user can utilize this for efficient usage. Although laptop has some predefined profiles, user still need to change it for different purpose manually. In most laptops, there are two default power management profiles: Battery mode and AC mode. Once the laptop is used for presentation and it's connected with projector, user has to disable several power saving parameters, such as CPU speed, monitor turn-off time, and reaction of laptop for hibernate or stands-by, etc. User can specify custom profiles for this usage, but user needs to change power management settings manually. It is an intuitive solution but user need simpler way to handle system power management automatically.
2. Summary of Invention: The main idea of this invention is to provide an auto-detect power management system. This system includes a thermal sensor to defect if there is any person in front of the laptop and it can also detect the connection status of projector. When user is staring the monitor for reading without moving cursor or striking key for a long time, the sensor will detect user is in front of laptop and will not turn off the monitor. In addition, if user is presenting and connecting his laptop with projector, the sensor will detect that the projecto...