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Method and System for centralize appliances power management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177744D
Original Publication Date: 2008-Dec-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2008-Dec-29
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The article deals with a system for power management that may strongly influence the expense balance in industrial environment as, even more, in domestic ones.

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Method and System for centralize appliances power management

The house of the third millennium contains an increasing number or devices and allowances that are capable to offer an always increasing level of operability. Even if the House and Office appliances are offering, day by day, ever more useful high technology feature, they are still missing sufficient capability to cooperate and communicate together.

    These devices waste a lot energy power and, as an obvious consequence, they strongly influence the expense balance in industrial environment as, even more, in domestic ones.

    At present time consumer are used and usually pretend to clearly understand their disbursement in detail. They require detailed bills, necessary to reassure them on the accuracy of their expenses. Even if in modern times transparency and clarity on billing is required in every industry, it seems to still be missing in Energy Consumption one.

    In fact, while every telecommunication company offers detailed bills as a standard service, no itemization is offered (and it is not even possible) for understanding the real distribution of power consumptions in a home or office environment.

It's an object of the current article to propose a method and a solution to solve the above

  roblems by introducing a system able to leverage the devices status, and their usual power consumption to better manage energy consumption as in an home environment as in medium or large business ones.

It's a goal of our proposal not to be invasive in current environment,

                                              reventing the use of specific appliance but, instead, managing the existent ones to be more efficient and let them to better coexist together.

    The idea is based on monitoring of devices in order to "capture" the power consumption of each device and to send them to a centralized system. The system will be able to collect


 erformance and fault data of each system providing the user with a detailed report on real consumption distribution between all the home/office devices (or almost the most important ones).

    Such a system could receive actual data by the devices registering and aggregating them in a repository. This data can then be leveraged to provide prospects on medium usage,


                                                     eaks and to generate detailed itemized reports useful on helping customers to understand and better analyze the summary bills they receive by energy providers.

The idea is based on additional component (either software or hardware) that can be


 lugged to existing ones in order to enable monitoring of the device itself ( with a not invasive solution) and enabling existent devices to be connected to the proposed centralized system.

The pluggable component may be posed between the plug and outlet. These components




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