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Cell phone with security RFID and optional Bio-monitor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000177848D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-06
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A device and method for controlling a device with a secure means by integrating a RFID chip with a cell phone. Cell phones are inherently complex electrical devices and by segmenting the functionality for control into the RFID chip the reliability of the security function is greatly improved.

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Cell phone with security RFID and optional Bio -monitor

Enclosed within is a structure and method described for controlling a device (such as a car) by the use of a cell phone integrated with an RFID chip that serves as the primary means of security verification. Cell phones are complex and have many types of failure mechanisms. The use of a cell phone as a security device is known in the art but a means for improving the reliability of this function is not described. By introducing a RFID chip (which has inherently very high reliability) and using this device as the security interface the reliability of security function is greatly improved. The RFID chip can be powered remotely through radio functions and does not rely on the cell phone battery or logic to function. Setup and initialization of the RFID chip can be done when the cell phone is functioning normally. Security functions can be done through either the cell phone logic or RFID depending on the functionality of the cell phone.

State of the Art: General Motors patent application where a cell phone is used as a key for a car. What is not described is how the car functions if the cell phone battery or logic is not working. It would be extremely inconvienent and dangerous for a car operation to stop if the cell phone power or logic should die for any reason. The user could be prevented from accessing their car and be left stranded.

New Idea: Have the main key function be done through an RFID chip that is integrated with cell phone. If the cell phone logic or power is not functioning then the car operation is still able to proceed by performing a security validation with the RFID chip.

Additional variation: Cell Phone w/ secure redundancy can also serve as a security...