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Methods for Apartment Satellite Sharing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178110D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-15
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The proposed invention allows for satellite providers to use the tuners/satellite LNBs of the neighbors to provide satellite service to subscribers who may not be able to receive a satellite signal. The invention uses known point to point transmission technology such as Wi-Fi to transmit programming from an LNB to a subscriber. Two communication is supported between the LNB remote tuning device and the subscriber. The subscriber's receiving device may be provisioned, as is known, to only tune or receive channels the subscribers has paid for. In densely populated areas with multiple source LNBs, the subscriber may be connected to more than one LNB in case of failure/power outage at a single broadcasting LNB. Details for implementation are disclosed below.

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Methods for Apartment Satellite Sharing

Invention Details

Satellite dishes have LNBs which can have more than one signal come in on them, typically allowing for a single household to watch/record 2 or more shows simultaneously. The proposed invention takes advantage of this facility and affixes a device at the LNB which collects the satellite signal. This signal is then broadcasted via encrypted WI-FI™ signal. This encryption signal is known only to the satellite provider. Using this facility a neighbor of the person with the repeater device installed can now receive the collected satellite signal via WI-FI. The signal is received by a receiver which listens for the WI-FI signal and knows how to decrypt it. Furthermore, the receiver provisions only those channels to the subscriber that they are paying for. Satellite users who have the repeater device disclosed in this invention can be compensated for hosting the repeater device on their premises.


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The LNB recieves the signal from the satellite


DisplayRepeaterWIFI Access

The wireless access point encrypts the signal via a public/private key encryption

 Wireless client recieves the signal from the access point

 The repeater determines what channels are available to the client,

 Is the user subscribed to the channel

The signal is sent ot the display

 Show a blocked channel message

Display renders the content.

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