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Remote Calendar Notification... Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178256D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-21
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You are away from your desk and forget you have a meeting. As you are not at your desk, you would not see the Notes* calendar reminder pop-up to remind you of said meeting.

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Remote Calendar Notification

Remote Calendar NotificationRemote Calendar Notification ...


The concept is to modify the calendar notification agent so that an SMS / Text message will automatically be sent to the user's mobile device, if the Notes client hasn't been accessed in the last x minutes.

Notes normally displays a dialogue box on your computer to remind you of a meeting .

There are two options / parts to this concept:

1. The Notes client would have the ability to send an SMS / text message to your mobile device, if you haven't used your computer in x

                             xx minutes and a calendar notification is displayed or, you haven't responded to the Notes calendar notification window in x


minutes. where x

xx = a user defined amount of time. Presumably, you are away from

your desk and may have forgotten an appointment / meeting or need a reminder.

2. The Domino* server is aware that the Notes client is not connected , or hasn't accessed the server. e.g., your desktop/laptop is off. In which case, the server would generate the SMS / text message to remind you of an appointment / meeting.

The user would be able to configure one or both parts of these configuration options . Both agents would work together so duplicate messages are notnotnot

not sent to the device.

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