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Integration of Exercise Equipment With a 3D Real World Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178331D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-22
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One of the biggest problems people face when starting an exercise routine is staying motivated and continuing the program. This invention integrates a 3D real world environment with the use of a treadmill.

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Integration of Exercise Equipment With a 3D Real World Environment

Disclosed is a device that integrates a treadmill with a monitor. The monitor displays a 3D real world environment such as Google Earth. The imagery on the monitor and the treadmill inclination constantly change based on the user's calculated point on Earth. Treadmill users select a specific latitude/longitude as a starting point and walk/run as though they are on the streets of any neighborhood in the world.

As the user ambulates on the treadmill, the device defines the new latitude/longitude based on the speed and distance calculated by the treadmill, and the direction chosen by the user. This information is calculated in real time and the imagery changes as if the user is walking/running at that place on Earth. As elevation and grade changes at that particular latitude/longitude, the inclination on the treadmill increases/decreases. It is prior art that a user can walk/run on a treadmill while viewing moving images on a monitor. However, these images and the inclination/grade of the courses are pre-programmed.

This device allows a user to define their own course at anytime before or during their workout. While walking/running in a particular neighborhood in the 3D virtual world, the user can choose to take a left turn, right turn, go straight or turn around at an intersection using either hand controls (wireless, wired, motion sensitive or integrated ont...