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Identification of audiences from a email chain Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178347D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-23
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A Program is disclosed which enables email user to select different target email recipient (TO, CC, BCC) in multiple ways while forwarding or replying to that mail. A user-friendly email user interface (UI) is proposed which can track entire threaded email recipients and represent them in a tree structure. This also helps email user for creating different forum (email, IM Chat, Meeting invite, IM call etc) by selecting appropriate action.

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Identification of audiences from a email chain

Author : Sarbajit K Rakshit

The solution to the following gap with existing email software is proposed.

With existing email sending and forwarding mechanism, it is not possible to track every contact associated to the mail and arrange them in a proper order.

Figure 1

According to the above example (Figure 1), the mail chain was initiated by "Email User (F)" and at the end the same mail was forwarded by "Email User (A)" to "Email User (B)", "Email User
(C)", "Email User (D)" & "Email User (E)", now, if any of the recipients, say, "Email User (B)" wants to forward the mail, then he can send only to the sender and recipients of the current mail. And if he wants to keep other related person associated with the mail, say, "Email User (F)", "Email User (J)" etc, and then he has to manually identify each recipients and add in the list. Sometime it leads towards communication gap.

With existing method, if any user wants to send them mail on different condition then


again manual effort is required. For example, if "Email User (B)" wants to reply to the above mail, keeping only "Email User (A)" in cc and other except Email User (E)" in To list then he has to arrange it manually.

With existing method, it is difficult to find the every related contact (sender or recipients)


of the mail without opening the mail.

With existing method, it is difficult to send conditional chat invites or Internet call to


every contact associated to the mail.

According to Figure 2, upon selecting an email the Action feature will be enabled. User will have option to expand the Action feature for appropriate action.


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