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Conditional caller tune messaging system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000178348D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Jan-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Jan-23
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A Program is disclosed by which the called party is empowered to design the conditional caller tune from remote machine or from mobile Phone and convey appropriate message to appropriate calling party. The dynamic caller tune message can also be delivered through custom caller tune application, in this case, the caller tune will be changed dynamically and will convey appropriate message through caller tune. The caller tune message will be delivering to the calling party once the called party started listening to the ring tone and till the time the called party receives the call.

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Conditional caller tune messaging system

Author : Sarbajit K Rakshit

According to Conditional caller Tune messaging, the Calling party has to create different Caller Tune message (from mobile or from remote machine) and map those caller tune with different called party with schedule. Figure 1, describes a list of Caller tune, this caller tune can be a voice file or a text written in the software.

Figure 1

ow the called party has to map the caller tune with the available stored telephone numbe

Following diagram (Figure 2) shows a list of saved telephone number in Called party's phone.

Figure 2


  ow, (Figure 3) in the caller tune organizer the called party has to define the Caller Tune Rule and schedule the same. This can be done with mobile phone or from remote machine.




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Figure 3

To define conditional caller tune, the called party has to selects "Caller Tune Rule", once it is clicked, the Caller Tune configuration wizard will open, (Figure 4 & 7).


ow the mobile phone

user has to define applicable rule for the caller tune.


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Figure 4


  ow the called party has to Schedule the same, (Figure 5 & 6), according to the diagram, it is clear that. If any calling party in the group 'Friend', 'Banker', supplier' (figure 4) calls the said called party between 8:30 am to 9:30am, and the date between Monday to Friday (Figure 6), then the calling party will listen to"



call me at 9:30 am ".

But other will listen to different caller tune. If those g...